Business Meeting Space

What is a Business Meeting Space?

The DCAT organization contracts spaces in its official hotels in Midtown Manhattan for use by its members during DCAT Week. These spaces are break-out rooms, suites, and hotel rooms converted into meeting rooms. Members reserve these rooms and have the right of first refusal for the same space the following year. 

Benefits of Business Meeting Space

DCAT Business Meeting Spaces are an essential tool for DCAT member companies to privately conduct high-level business meetings in convenient locations. Benefits of having Business Meeting Space during DCAT Week include:

  • Discounted rates for DCAT member companies
  • Convenient access to customers, colleagues and future business associates
  • Flexible spaces to meet desired room size and location
  • Room numbers distributed in advance to assist with appointment scheduling
  • Pre-order food and beverage to avoid wait times
  • Right of first refusal of space(s) for next year

Business Meeting Space Locations

DCAT's reserved blocks of Business Meeting Spaces are located at Official DCAT Week Hotels. If you have questions about Business Meeting Space, please contact Mikaela Venice, DCAT Meeting Operations Coordinator, at or 856-388-2971.