What is DCAT Week?

DCAT Week is the premier business development event for companies engaged in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and related industries. It is organized and hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), a not-for-profit, member-supported, global business development association whose unique membership model integrates both innovator and generic drug manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients, development and manufacturing services, and related technologies. Held annually in March, DCAT Week ensures that members have a forum for high-level strategic meetings with key decision makers, timely educational programs, and important networking opportunities. Learn More

Where will DCAT Week 2022 be held?

DCAT Week is held annually in New York City. DCAT Week 2022 will be held March 21-24. DCAT Week activities and Business Meeting Spaces are located in the five Official DCAT Week Hotels:

  • The Benjamin
  • Hotel 48LEX
  • InterContinental Barclay
  • The Lexington NYC
  • Lotte NY Palace

Can my company set up a booth at DCAT Week?

DCAT Week is not a tradeshow and does not offer booth space. DCAT member companies reserve Business Meeting Space located in Official DCAT Week Hotels to privately conduct business meetings behind closed doors throughout the week.

To learn more about Business Meeting Spaces, click here.

What is Business Meeting Space and how can my company reserve it?

The DCAT organization contracts spaces in eight hotels in Midtown Manhattan for use by its members during DCAT Week. These spaces are break-out rooms, suites, and hotel rooms converted into meeting rooms. Members reserve these rooms and have the right of first refusal for the same space the following year.

All reservations for Business Meeting Space must be made through the DCAT office. To reserve business meeting space in Official DCAT Week Hotels, you must be a DCAT member company. For more information, click here.

Questions about Business Meeting Space? Contact Mikaela Venice (mvenice@dcat.org) at 856-388-2971.

In which hotels will the DCAT Office and Member Lounges be located?

The DCAT Office will be located on the 1st Floor of the InterContinental Barclay in the Barclay Salon. The Member Lounges will be located on the 2nd Floor of the InterContinental Barclay (Empire I and Empire II) and in the Villard Ballroom of the Lotte NY Palace. To learn more about the DCAT Office and Member Lounge locations, click here.

In which hotels do DCAT Week education programs and networking events take place?

Most education programs and networking events will be held at the InterContinental Barclay. The 94th DCAT Annual Dinner and Pre-Dinner Reception will be held at the NY Hilton Midtown.

Can my company participate in DCAT Week if we aren't a member?

DCAT membership is not required to attend meetings with any of our member companies in their private Business Meeting Spaces. For 2022, only DCAT Member Companies may register to attend DCAT Week Education Programs. Non-members are restricted from obtaining Member Name Badges, using the Member Lounges, attending the Membership Reception, and from purchasing a table at the DCAT Annual Dinner. Also, non-member guests cannot register for the Women’s Networking Breakfast.

It is also important to note that the DCAT organization is a not-for-profit business development association that relies solely on the support of our member companies to organize DCAT Week each year. Without our members’ support via the annual membership dues, this important event would not exist for the pharmaceutical manufacturing community.

If your company plans to attend DCAT Week and you are not a DCAT member, we strongly encourage you become one ahead of time. We do not enroll new members during DCAT Week.

To learn more about membership, click here.

How do I know if my company is a DCAT member?

You can visit our Member Directory on DCAT's website to find your company name, or contact DCAT Director of Membership Services Lauryn Kuna at lkuna@dcat.org or (856) 388-2968.

How can my company become a member?

Click here to learn more about membership and fill out an online application. For specific questions or inquiries, contact Lauryn Kuna, DCAT Director, Membership Services, at lkuna@dcat.org or 856-388-2968.

How do I register for DCAT Week?

Online registration is open! Click here to register for DCAT Week.

How can I be identified as a DCAT member?

DCAT is committed to enhancing member visibility at DCAT Week and is pleased to provide members-only badges. Members can pre-register for Member Name Badges online to obtain them in the member lounges, in the DCAT Office, or at the kiosks located outside of education programs. Separate from the Annual Dinner badges, Member Name Badges can be used all week to increase visibility and show your valued support for DCAT.

How do I plan meetings with other companies at DCAT Week?

Meetings for DCAT Week are predetermined by each company and DCAT does not schedule the meetings for its members. To help members plan their meeting schedule, DCAT provides the following resources:

  • DCAT Week Mobile App - Offers a networking feature for members to login and connect with each other directly through the app.

In addition, networking receptions, education programs, and the member lounges provide casual opportunities to meet and dialogue with high-level industry professionals.